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58 women from Malta had an abortion in England last year

The National Office for Statistics for England and Wales have released the data on abortion for 2019 today.

As we can see, 58 women from Malta traveled to England (and Wales) to have abortion in 2019. The number is higher than the previous year (2018), when that number was 53.

But, that is all that we know. What were the ages of those 58 women, what were the reasons for abortion, what were the gestational ages, and, most importantly, what are the health needs of these women and did they receive aftercare - we don't know.

We also don't know, but can safely assume, that this number is just a fraction of all abortions by women in Malta considering that the majority of women seeking abortions are buying pills online.

This situation is all due to our primitive abortion laws and an unconcerned government that betrays and ignores the health and safety of women in Malta.

Banning abortion does not mean that abortions do not happen, it just makes them unsafe.


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