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In comments at the State of The Nation conference this week, Prime Minister Robert Abela said he was not comfortable with the court's conviction of a woman charged with abortion.

Today, we stuck messages in Parliament with one clear message to the Prime Minister:

We don’t want to hear about your discomfort.

We are done listening to your empty calls for debates and exchanges.

Don’t tell us to talk about it more, when we are talking about it - we are shouting loud - at doors that are sealed shut with you behind them holding the pen.

Don’t tell us about your discomfort. Consider hers.

The mother of a very young child - entirely dependent on her in a violent home - made a decision to take control over her own body.

Reported by the partner that abused her for making what in most countries in the world is considered a completely private decision. Berated by the court for not seeking alternative options; options that are not accessible, found only behind more doors that are closed.

This should not make you uncomfortable. It should fill you with rage.

That the state has failed yet again to protect another woman, and betrayed her instead.

Because hundreds of us do it. Many of us are already parents.

Choices we make for ourselves, our families, our futures. And yet, the state continues to fail us. We continue to live in fear and silence in our own homes.

Because you tell us that this doesn’t happen - but it happens, it happened, it will happen again.

Are you comfortable wondering whether it will be you, your friend, daughter, sister, mother next, instead… who will be criminalised for making the right call? Criminalised for protecting themselves?

Criminalised abortion is state sanctioned violence.

Don’t tell us about your discomfort.

Tell us about how this nightmare ends. Tell us about strategies that support us. Tell us about how basic healthcare will finally be provided.

Tell us what you’re going to do about it.


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